Our singular goal at Orion is to provide our customers with high quality, vehicle intelligence solutions that exceed their expectations. That’s why we rely on the best and most creative people in the industry to develop and support the Orion Vehicle Intelligence System. With Orion VIS you get what you want, to do what you need, at a price you can afford. That’s Orion!

The Orion Vehicle Intelligence System provides unparalleled capabilities in monitoring, reporting, and responding to both routine and emergency events related to vehicle, freight, passengers and driving conditions. Orion is designed from the latest advancements in electronic technologies, communications, and software, and is based on over 35 year of military and commercial transportation applications and experience.

The Orion family of products collects and secures all vehicle, occupant, freight, and operator/driver data, keeping it out of the hands of manufacturers and others who would exploit your data or sell it to insurance companies and others. And, you can determine when, where and how your vehicle reports, not some manufacturer. Orion is designed by a team of leading experts using an Integrated Product Team approach. Quality. Capability. American Ingenuity. That's Orion!

Orion VIS has the flexibility to allow every customer the ability to customize the system to respond in ways that meet their unique requirements. Individual requirements need individual solutions. Orion VIS is the solution