Complete hardware and mobile solutions.

Orion VIS™ provides a full array of hardware and mobile solutions to meet the full spectrum of connectivity requirements for your fleet. Whether your fleet operates within cellular coverage areas, remote geographies or both, Orion VIS™ has the hardware solution to meet your needs.

Connectivity from anywhere in the world


Whatever your fleet tracking and security sensor needs, Orion VIS™ has a full array of cellular communications hardware solutions to meet your specific requirements.


Where cellular coverage is intermittent and full coverage is required, our satellite/cellular solution defaults to cellular when available.


If your fleet operates in remote areas that lack cellular coverage, regardless of the terrain, Orion VIS™ has the satellite solution you require.


When tracking your fleet by using the driver’s cell phone is preferred, a complete mobile GPS, dispatch and communications solution is available.

Protect your cargo with state-of-the-art, wireless sensors.

To assure the ultimate protection for your cargo, Orion VIS™ offers easy-to-install, wireless sensors to monitor, store and transmit trailer temperature and hours of service for the environment control unit critical components.