Your fleet vehicles give you major brand visibility.

With the company name on each of your fleet vehicles, your brand image can be significantly affected by whether others perceive your drivers as safe and courteous. Without the ability to monitor speed, hard braking with sudden and excessive lane changes and rapid acceleration, you can only trust that your drivers will drive safely.

Manage this risk and protect your band with Orion VIS™ unsafe driving alerts that give you a real-time window to monitor, detect and control each of these risky behaviors.

Safe driver monitoring can enhance your brand image.


Monitoring and holding drivers responsible for driving over designated speed limits not only reduces accidents, but supports brand image.

Rapid acceleration

Rapid acceleration not only increases fuel expense, but it is a major component in aggressive driving, a frequent complaint of other drivers.

Hard braking and sudden lane changes

Hard breaking with sudden lane changes generally implies tailgating, a significant cause of accidents and poor driving image.

In-cab driving violation alerts

While recording safe driver violations assures accountability, in-cab alerts provide instant behavior changes, lowering accident and brand image risk.

A green footprint is a profitable footprint.

By limiting speed and establishing consistent, non-aggressive, safe driving, you can lower your fleet’s greenhouse emissions and label your vehicles Green Compliant.