A happy customer is a loyal customer.

The top two customer requirements for freight/delivery and service companies are be on-time and deliver it undamaged. While everyone competes on price, poor performance in these two areas can clearly result in unhappy customers and loss of business.

Cloud-based connectivity enhances customer satisfaction.

Route optimization

The Orion VIS™ route optimization with traffic and road condition monitoring, assures the most efficient mileage, time and truck-legal shipment routing.

Cargo Sensors

By installing Orion VIS™ wireless sensors in your reefers, you can assure precision temperature requirements and security from dispatch to delivery.

Scheduling and dispatch

Real-time scheduling and dispatch allow for accurate loading, same-day cancelation and added stops with time saving coordination.

GPS customer VISability

With Orion VISability™ customers can check the location of their shipment or service vehicle on their computer, tablet or smart phone anytime, 24/7.

Deliver on-time and undamaged with Orion VIS™.

From dispatch to delivery, Orion VIS™ provides anxiety-free customer service with dynamic route optimization, wireless sensor protection technology and 24/7 customer shipment VISability.