Increase driver compliance.

According to the EPA, driver non-compliance can increase fuel efficiency by as much as 33%.

On average, fleets using real-time, connected telematics have generated up to a 25% savings in their annual fuel expense by monitoring driver compliance and establishing accountability in reducing excessive idling, speeding, risky driving and unnecessary mileage, according to the Frost & Sullivan 2012 fleet survey.

Receive real-time deviation alerts.

Reduce Speeding

According to the American Trucking Association, a truck traveling at 75 mph consumes 27% more fuel than one going 65 mph.

Reduce aggressive driving

Monitoring and reducing rapid acceleration, hard braking and constant lane changes, reduces fuel expense as well as accidents.

Reduce Mileage

Significant mileage and fuel savings can be realized through optimizing travel routes and eliminating unauthorized vehicle use.

Increase vehicle efficiency

By receiving alerts for both scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance requirements, timely maintenance can be performed to lower fuel expense and increase asset life.

Reduce Excessive Idling

The EPA indicates that fleets can save more than $6,000 per truck annually by limiting excessive idling.

Reduce fuel theft

Managing fuel purchases by using the Orion Secure Fuel Card™ saves fuel expense as well as limits fraudulent fuel purchases.