Monitored driving can reduce insurance cost.

Orion VIS™ fleet connectivity monitors and records critical driving performance, and alerts on any deviation from company safe driving requirements.

Based on industry experience, insurance premiums can be reduced by as much as 40% by reducing accidents due to unsafe driving, and having the ability to produce comprehensive historical reports that monitor driving behavior.

Receive real-time deviation alerts.


Maintain a safer, more efficient fleet by knowing and recording vehicle speed at all times and receiving alerts on any excess speed deviation.

Hard braking

Minimize hard braking through reduced speed, safer trailing distance, and recorded hard breaking alerts.

Rapid acceleration

Reduce unsafe and damaging rapid acceleration and create safer driving habits.

Frequent lane changes

Reduce risk and accidents caused by erratic driving and frequent lane changes.

Speeding and other moving violations increase premiums.

Establishing driving performance requirements and real-time monitoring can have a direct impact on controlling improper driving, reducing accidents and summons for moving violations.