Data keeps your fleet competitive and profitable.

In addition to realizing fuel expense savings in excess of 20%, fleets managers can expect a broad range of additional expense reduction savings in staffing, overtime, major vehicle repair and insurance with the Orion VIS™.

Data leads to knowledge. Knowledge leads to solutions.

Optimize route efficiency - The expense of manual route planning as well as fuel cost due to excess mileage are eliminated by automatically creating optimal mileage/time efficient routes with Orion VIS Route Optimizer™.

Eliminate unnecessary Idling – Prioritizing, tracking and eliminating unnecessary idling contributes to a meaningful reduction in overall fuel expense.

Reduce unnecessary overtime - Through efficient scheduling, routing and real-time trip and job monitoring, Orion VIS™ significantly reduces the need for overtime expense through increased resource utilization.

Minimize unauthorized vehicle use - 24/7 location monitoring reduces the unauthorized, commercial or private use of fleet vehicles, as well as the associated operating and wear and tear expense and the potential liability risk.

Reduce staffing and payroll expense – Orin VIS™ enables the comparison of time cards to real-time trip and job data, resulting in lower staff expense, minimizing employee excesses and overtime, as well as dramatically reducing manual data entry.

Improve maintenance and servicing - Through alerting, scheduling and performing timely routine and onboard diagnostic maintenance, fleets experience: lower fuel, major repair, and roadside assistance expense; lower vehicle downtime and service disruptions; better warranty recovery and higher resale value.

Reduce accidents and insurance premiums - Reducing speed and unsafe driving results in fewer accidents, and along with the prevention or recovery of stolen vehicles/assets, can qualify for reductions in insurance premiums.

Data is power. Maximize ROI with Orion VIS™ telematics

Having immediate access to actionable dated regarding your fleet and driver performance, efficiency and productivity is the key to increasing compliance and profitability.