Increase team and asset utilization.

Once your drivers and staff leave for the job each day, without connected telematics, you can only trust that you’re getting maximum utilization from your team and assets. Orion VIS™ monitors, reports and provides accountability to maximize utilization.

Increase service and delivery efficiency

Maximize the number of jobs and deliveries per day through route maximization, efficient dispatch and time accountability.

Minimize overtime

Through efficient scheduling and real-time monitoring, Orion VIS™ reduces the need for overtime expense.

Accommodate real-time schedule change

While enroute cancelations or added jobs can be disruptive to efficient schedules, the Orion VIS On-Time Scheduler™ maximizes same day changes.

Customer signoff and comments

Real-time evidence of a proper delivery or service call is supported by providing for a customer signoff screen and comment space, as well as photos of the completed task and delivery area.

Create an HR record for all drivers and monitored teams.

Through effective team compliance monitoring, a comprehensive human resource record can be created to support performance evaluation, incentive compensation, or corrective action.