Become operationally connected quickly and easily.

With Orion VIS™, transitioning your operations to include telematics connectivity is an easy and efficient process. From solution design, fleet installation, operational training, and implementation, Orion VIS™ professionals get you fully connected and operational.

Your system will be designed to support current processes.

Solution design

Your Orion VIS™ system is designed to maximize the benefits of telematics connectivity and minimize existing process change.

Operational Training

Before launch, your designated staff will be fully trained in each system functionality, including routing, dispatch, administration and analytics.

Fleet Installation

Once designed, our installation team will expertly equip your fleet with hardware determined to best fit your design and budget requirements.


In addition to training, the Orion VIS™ support staff is standing by to answer any questions or to step in and help with any functional issues.

Become even more efficient, profitable and customer focused.

Adding telematics connectivity to your fleet will reduce operating cost through greater efficiency and increased productivity, and will generate stronger customer satisfaction.