Protect your asset, cargo and driver safety.

With any rolling fleet you are subjected to the risk of vehicle or cargo theft, injury or life threatening accidents and the resulting liability. Orion VIS™ secures your vehicles and cargo from theft, manages to a safe driving standard, alerts in the events of a high impact collision and significantly reduces unauthorized vehicle use.

24/7 vehicle monitoring protects assets and reduces liability.

Vehicle theft alerts

We provide alerts for unscheduled vehicle movement, towing or trailer disconnection, with optional Driver ID and ignition lockdown.

Unsafe driving and accident alerts

In addition to immediate alerts upon detecting a possible high impact collision, real-time monitoring and alerting on unsafe driving reduces accidents.

Cargo theft protection

Sensors can be employed to detect and alert on issues like unscheduled cargo door opening and unscheduled light, noise or movement detection.

Unauthorized vehicle use monitoring

Given the high rate of fleet take-home vehicles, significant wear and tear, fuel expense and accident liability can be minimized with off duty monitoring.

Our precision GPS pinpoints vehicle location 24/7/365.

By knowing the location and status of your fleet vehicles at any time, day or night, alerts can be scheduled to report on any deviation from plan, policy or regulation.